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The world’s oceans are losing their ‘memory’ due to climate change

World ocean climate change varies due to. So. that, in the temperatures, structures, currents of the oceans and even anomalous events are observed in their colors. Stable ocean environment is more unexpected and begins to become unstable. According to scientists, this is due to the fact that the world’s oceansyour memory”Is like losing. “When we talk about the memory of the world’s oceans, we have to accept the unchanging conditions in the waters. It can be said that, the oceans had a predictable environment. In other words, it is possible to predict everything that happens in the oceans. An example of this is the surface temperature level. But in the coming decades, the world’s oceans will change due to climate change and It will have a more unpredictable environment. ” Of the Farollon Institute specialist Hui Shi noted. As part of the study, scientists studied the surface of the world’s oceans and They analyzed the temperatures of the subsoil, which extends to a depth of 50 meters.

The lower layer of the world’s oceans has a stable temperature and which is over the oceans weather is less sensitive to temperature changes. A new study based on computer modeling of the future state of the oceans will change the temperature in the upper layers of the world’s oceans. and this could be a serious change in the true sense of the word. “In this case, the memory of the ocean means that it remembers the conditions that it will preserve in the future. But this will not happen in the coming decades, “said Hui Shi. According to scientists, water in the upper layers of the oceans snowthe level of radiation increases and This, in turn, will lead to more temperature changes in the oceans.

It is not yet clear how this situation will affect ocean creatures. Researchers are confident that, exactly how this situation will affect these creatures. However, some of the creatures that live in the oceans are very likely that, will be able to adapt to the new situation. “Changes in oceanic conditions threaten the ability to predict future changes. For example, this is our, monsoons and other related to the oceans weather It reduces the effectiveness of our ability to predict events, ”he added. According to scientists, climate change on Earth will be more extreme in the future, which will be dangerous for humans weather events will happen. However, if the ocean completely loses its “memory”, it will not be possible to predict these events.

Azerbaijan news

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