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Ukraine’s Armenian minister calls on Armenia to “choose”


“After the war, Ukraine will have a new world system, a new collective security system. Armenia must integrate itself into such a new system as soon as possible.

Baku-born Arsen Avakov, a former Ukrainian interior minister of Armenian descent, told RFE / RL’s Armenian Service, Azatutyun, in a television interview:

“It’s very good for a start that, Armenia already UNdoes not vote for Russia And very soon after Putin’s imperial Russia collapsed and it is necessary to choose a new development vector very precisely. Then you will have to make a choice. Then this option does not exist with the CSTO, NATO alliance with, Russia not in alliance with, Europe With the Union, Britain, FranceUnited States and Ukraine should be made towards the union with. Until then Ukraine already the most dynamic in Europe and will be one of the most influential countries. “

“Pashinyan is in a difficult situation”

Avakov believes that, the risk of war on the one hand, on the other Russia Armenia is the third country to be part of the new “USSR” that President Vladimir Putin is building way must choose:

And For Armenia, this road currently passes through Brussels, “Arsen Avakov said in resolving the Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict Europe President of the Council of the Union Charles Michel praised the efforts:

“If you Putin If you look at Russia’s position, Putin’s imperial philosophy, within a certain time Putin will throw Armenians to the brink of their dreams and will want to say that, Armenia is now part of the USSR. Pashinyan, of course that, is in a complicated situation. On the one hand, the united Arab world, the Muslim world, and on the other hand, with all the consequences Putin. But now he is reaching out to you France, Europe There is a union. The United States, an influential Armenian diaspora, remains in place.

Speaking about the turning point in the war in Ukraine, Arsen Avakov said that, This turn has already taken place after the decision of the Western countries to provide Ukraine with modern weapons:

“This is a clear strategic victory. It’s just about him that, how many small tactical victories we will have to win. ”

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