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We have 59 people! – How many coronavirus patients are there in neighboring countries?


May 10International statistics for 206 countries and more than 38.8 million assets in the area coronavirus indicates that the patient. 246,290 people are being treated in Russia, 76,339 in Iran, 58029 in Estonia, 47,299 in Belarus and 20,883 in Lithuania.

The number of patients in other nearby countries according to sorted as follows:

Latvia – 4704 people

Turkey – 3185

Armenia – 2225

Kyrgyzstan – 1596

Moldova – 1355

Georgia – 1117

Kazakhstan – 571

Uzbekistan – 246.

A new species that appeared in China in December 2019 and covered the world coronavirus The first infection in Azerbaijan 2020It was registered on February 28, 2006. The end national According to the report, in the country 59 coronavirus Of the 792,632 people infected, 9,709 died and the rest were treated.

Azerbaijan news

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