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A piece of the homeland in another land – an ELEGY to the martyr of Azerbaijan


When I was still in the South, I heard a lot about Him. My compatriots are free soldiers of the Integral Way of Azerbaijan, and the ideology of Integrity generalı Arif Rahimoglu was well known. Undoubtedly, as well as Elchibey’s loyal comrade-in-arms. Those Arif Rahimoglu that, Shortly after the death of the architect of the Way of Integrity Abulfaz Elchibey, he was forced to leave his homeland. He moved to Sweden, in fact, his health did not allow him to stay in his homeland. He lived abroad for 18 years. 18 years worried about the fate of the homeland, the nation. Even someone else’s heart beat for Azerbaijan for 8 years.

In Gothenburg, where he lived after a heart transplant Arif to meet closely with the gentleman twice and We had the opportunity to share our thoughts for hours. Even on my second visit, we were able to record our interviews on several topics. Arif Bey’s statements about the ideology of Integrity, the process of nationalization, and the mysterious moments of our history related to the Safavid period are so well-founded. and was satisfactory that, could satisfy any interviewer. High intelligence, deep reading and Along with his scientific and philosophical outlook, his peculiar moral qualities were also influential in the formation of a positive attitude towards the other party. The special simplicity of the owner of such in-depth knowledge and modesty, of course that, was an indicator of his perfect personality. It was really nice to get to know him and talk to him…

Thus began our friendship. He calls from time to time and asks about his health and of course I would take his advice.

Although his health condition is not good, Arif Bey has been working tirelessly in both scientific and public activities for the past 8 years. One day he was a scientist, one day a politician, and one day a diaspora activist. With the active return of Arif Rahimoglu, the founder of the Gothenburg Azerbaijan House, to diaspora activities after the operation, the Swedish Azerbaijani Federation has also gained a new lease of life.

2020where he co-founded Milli The establishment of the Union of Movement is the realization of Rasulzade-Elchibey ideals and can be considered a special page of the society’s activities in the field of enlightenment. Not accidental that, It was Arif bey who invited me to that organization. We expected the last word from Arif Bey at all meetings of the BSE. It will be said wisely and The last word that will satisfy us all… Arif Bey also attended the last meeting. Just 3 days before his death. He spoke and he left quickly because he was weak. This was our last meeting with Arif Bey.

We all knew the severity of his condition, but no one even thought he would move. After all, he is very optimistic and He was hopeful, even until the last days of his life, he would load us with positive messages calling the nation to a bright future.

In the end, he left the world abroad, but with our tricolor flag, to the homeland snowgesturing, entrusted to eternal space. Concerned about the state of his homeland, his homeland and his nation, Arif Bey moved.

Milli The fact that I am saddened by the loss of our values, which in fact represent the nation in the true sense of the word, is that they are worried about the Motherland, the state of the Motherland. Although years have passed, the fate of Mohammad Amin will be written in the lives of the lovers of the Motherland. Milli The irreplaceable face of our case, prominent scientist, thinker, Arif Rahimoglu, whose name is one of the most loyal to the Rasulzade-Elchibey Way, also…

How good that, We are lucky to know you well, dear Arif bey! How good that, I had very pleasant moments with you and… how good that, I became your contemporary.

Deep sadness and with respect…

Rufat Muradli

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