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A serviceman committed suicide in Azerbaijan

Alizadeh Tarlan Rafig oglu, a serviceman of the State Border Service’s Border Control Department in the Agstafa region, committed suicide in his apartment.

This was reported by the Press Center of the SBS.

Investigative measures are being carried out together with the prosecutor’s office.

The Military Prosecutor’s Office has issued a statement on the suicide of a State Border Service serviceman.

“May 10The Shamkir military prosecutor’s office has received information that Alizade Tarlan Rafig oglu, a serviceman of the State Border Service, hanged himself in a service apartment that day.

Shamkir Military Prosecutor’s Office on the basis of the received informationflour to the scene by staff and The body was examined, items of importance for the case were taken as material evidence, explanations were received, and relevant examinations were appointed. and other necessary actions have been taken.

An investigation is underway at the Shamkir Military Prosecutor’s Office and All measures will be taken in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.


Azerbaijan news

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