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Azerbaijan will lose $ 1.5 billion …

Deputy Vüsnow Bayramov commented on the blocking of one of the money transfer platforms from Russia to Azerbaijan.

The volume of remittances from Russia to Azerbaijan is expected to decrease.

“Central Russia BankDuring the year from Russia to Azerbaijan 1 billion reports that more than $ At the same time, bank There are also payments outside the sector. In this regard, in different reports, this figure is 1.5 per year billion dollars is noted to have changed around. Of course that, The decline in Russia’s purchasing power, as well as profitability, will affect the volume of remittances to Azerbaijan. On the other hand, there are difficulties in transfers. Although there are no serious difficulties in transferring in rubles, there are difficulties in transferring in other currencies. There will also be difficulties in transferring from Russia to other countries. “In general, given the sanctions imposed on Russia and the recent changes in the economy, the volume of remittances from Russia to our country is expected to decrease,” he said. deputy noted.


Azerbaijan news

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