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Putin is preparing for a protracted war


The United States is of this opinion that, Russia Presidents Vladimir Putin Ukraine is preparing for a long conflict.

May about it 10Speaking at the US Congress Milli Intelligence Director Avril Haynes said: “Our assessment according to president Putin preparing for a protracted conflict. In the meantime, he intends to achieve his goals beyond the Donbas.

Ms Haynes said that, Russia Moldova wants to open a land corridor to the separatist Transnistrian region.

He hopes that the determination of the West will decrease

According to him according to, Putin the West in the long run Ukraine that his resolve will weaken and He hopes that victory in the Donbas will not be the end of the war:

“Putin is very likely,” he said that, Russia’s ability to overcome difficulties and his desire is stronger than that of his enemies. He probably that, food shortage, inflation and US due to rising energy prices and Europe He hopes his union will weaken.

Ms. Haynes also told a congressional committee that, Putin is taking more and more sudden steps and Russia can declare martial law:

“Current trends reinforce this possibility,” he said that, president Putin’s declaration of martial law, resumption of production and or it may take more drastic measures, including military exhalation, which potentially mobilizes resources for military purposes to achieve its goals. ”

His ambitions are incompatible with Russia’s power

Haynes said that, Putin is unlikely to use nuclear weapons without “threatening Russia’s existence.”

Milli The head of intelligence also said so that, Putin has faced the problem of incompatibility of his ambitions with Russia’s current military capabilities and For this reason snowit can be expected that it will escalate in the coming months.

Speaking on that committee general-Lieutenant Scott Berrier said that, Russia Increasingly chaotic in the face of Ukrainian resistance and began to react with more brutal methods.

He added that, US estimates according to Russia with 8 in this war 10 between generallost

General noted that, At present, neither side has an advantage in the war. (Radio Liberty)

Azerbaijan news

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