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The deputy chief and the killer, who escaped from prison together, were arrested


A 56-year-old deputy chief who escaped from prison and A 38-year-old prisoner was arrested. They disappeared in the first days of May in Alabama (USA). Police in several states were searching for the refugees, who were promised large rewards. It is still unknown that, Female Deputy Chief Vicky White joined the male villain Casey White (coincidentally with the same surname) and fled, or was forced to do so.

Over the weekend, the deputy chief allegedly released the prisoner in the name of taking him to court to assess his mental condition. But the couple did not reach the court. It became clear later that, no one was waiting for them here: for killing his ex-girlfriend in 2015 according to In the case of the murderer, who was sentenced to 75 years in prison, no examination or hearing was scheduled for that day.

Alabama Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton told Mail Online that, that the run was prepared for a long time and there are serious doubts that it is well organized. Clothes for this, even special car was also purchased.

Police The suspects were found in a hotel in Indiana. While trying to escape, they had an accident in their car. The killer was returned to prison. The female deputy chief injured herself and was reportedly hospitalized. If he is found guilty, so be it 10 awaits imprisonment for up to.

For the latest information according toVicky White died in prison.

Azerbaijan news

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