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The scourge of modern times – Internet diseases


The biggest scourge of modern times is internet diseases. This disease, which occurs at any age, is especially common in those whose work depends on a computer.

Neurologist Galib Asadov is more prone to internet diseases, eye fatigue, back pain and said certain depressions were included.

Eye fatigue

When you look at the computer screen a lot, your eyes get tired. You may even feel a slight pain in your eyes. Touching your eyes on the screen for a long time can also cause dry eyes. That’s it according to you need to rest your eyes often. Stay away from the computer for a while.

“Disease emphasis”

Some people tend to investigate every pain they feel. The Internet is a serious source of information for these so-called “sick people.” and the source of the pain they constantly feel and looking for reasons. This situation also leads to a psychological crisis. These people, who adapt the symptoms of serious illnesses to the pain they feel, become “sick” over time. That is, they think they have a serious illness.


It’s a pain in the eye and consists of pressure on the neck. The duration of pain can last from 30 minutes to a week. Daily chronic pain: If you spend more than half of the day with a headache, the situation is chronic.

Stress pain

This pain is also due to the stress of spending too much time on the internet. Read informationconsidered video and or image, tiring information and long-term inactivity causes stress pain.

Back pain

Constant sitting can lead to back pain. The back bends, immobility begins and this also causes pain.

Facebook depression

Talking too much on a social networking site like Facebook can be especially stressful for young girls. Conversation systems where girls can talk about their problems and the means of social communication had never been so developed. As a result, young girls are more comfortable talking about their problems. But persistent problems and for hours on romantic thoughts and trouble talking over and over again and causes a crisis, depresses a person.

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