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“The war will end after Ukraine returns what belongs to it,” Zelensky said


President Vladimir Zelenski stated that, The war started by Russia covered all the territories of Ukraine and will end after bringing people back.

Zelenski He said this during an online conversation with students of leading French universities.

President “War,” he said Ukraine only then will it end for the people that, returning what belongs to us. That is right. Let me be clear: nothing else is needed… We want to return peace to our state, our land.

Russia It has invaded and occupied all our rights: our right to land, our right to vote, our right to choose, and finally our right to life. ”

Zelenski explained to the French youth that, Ukraine today it is fighting for the right to live at the cost of the lives of its best people.

He explained that, negotiations can be conducted only from that position that, Russia the wrongness of their decisions and understand the catastrophic nature and Let him be ready to be punished for the crimes he committed in Ukraine.

President stressed that, Ukraine city and of villages free after the massacre committed by the Russians and the desire to negotiate decreases as the facts of torture emerge.

“In all cases, the talks should be held within the framework of dialogue, not an ultimatum,” Zelensky said.

Azerbaijan news

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