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Turkish lira again “knocked out” – 24 hours

Of Turkey national The Turkish lira began to depreciate again after a period of relative stability. At the auction held at the Istanbul Stock Exchange 1 dollars Sold for 15.37 Turkish lira.

Analysts commenting on the situation in Turkey’s financial markets that, pounds during the week that, one of the reasons for the five percent drop April in Turkey in the month inflation The publication of official data reached 70%.

Representatives of many banks in the Turkish Center to normalize the situation BankThey consider it necessary to reconsider the accounting rate. At the same time, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is adamant that the rate is high snowAnalysts say this is impossible.

Turkey Center BankIt has not changed the discount rate since the end of last year – it keeps it at 14%. In April, he was in the country for the current year inflation raised its forecast from 23.2% to 42.8%.


Azerbaijan news

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