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Who earns how much? – Annual income of members of the English royal family


Becoming one of the most interesting topics of recent times Britain private life of members of the royal family and Everyone is very interested in the annual income. Members of the royal family, who are actively involved in many official events, millions from each movement dollars earn.

Britain We present to the readers the shocking facts about the royal family.

Over the years, Queen Elizabeth II, who repeatedly wore the same clothes, created a frugal image and The earnings of other members of the royal family shocked those who heard. Britain This is the source of the great wealth of the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth II

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of his accession to the throne in recent months, Queen Elizabeth II is not one to waste money. The fortune of the very frugal queen is $ 550 million. On the other hand, the Queen’s favorite residence Balmoral Castle is 140 million dollars worth.

Prince Philip

Princess Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s 74-year-old husband, died last year. The Queen’s wife and The income of the Prince, a father of 4 children, is astonishing. Approximately 442,000 annually to the Prince on behalf of the Queen dollars allowance was given.

Prince Charles

Son of Queen Elizabeth and Net income of the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles 10That’s $ 0 million. Of course that, Millions of dollars will be added to this income after Charles ascends the throne. The Queen’s sole heir, Prince Charles, has invested in real estate without waiting for the throne.

Prince William

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, one of the heirs to the throne, did not want to add wealth to his fortune, as he did not want to wait for his turn to ascend the throne. Prince William’s annual income is $ 40 million.

Prince Harry

2020Married to Megan Markle in and The wealth of Prince Harry, who later decided to leave the Kingdom, is also noteworthy. Prince Harry, who inherited a large fortune after the death of his mother, Princess Diana, has a net worth of $ 25 million, including business investments. (

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