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‘Apple may replace Lightning input on iPhones next year with USB Type-C’

Famous analyst Ming-Chi KuoAccording to Apple for next year iPhone in models Lightning refuse entry and him Android already accepted as a common standard in smartphones USB Type-C plans to replace it with an entrance. This forecast was made by the analyst based on his research. Likely that, chat, Apple is based on a survey of the company’s suppliers. So. that, The analyst often obtains useful information about the company’s plans from suppliers. Thus, the analyst noted that, Switch to USB Type-C input in turn hardware level charging on the iPhone and will increase the speed of data transmission. But the final figures iOS will depend on your support. Apple Information about the company’s plan to replace the Lightning input on iPhones with USB Type-C has been around for several years that, emerges.

It should be noted that, company last iPad added USB Type-C input to its models to some extent, giving up its Lightning input. In addition to the Mac on computers Thunderbolt interface USB Type-C is used. Additional pressure on Apple as well Europe Union shows. So. that, Europe The association will sell all other electronic devices in its region, with the exception of some exceptional devices unit plans to use the charging input and We are talking about USB Type-C. Such a possibility was voiced that, Apple will maintain Lightning access on iPhones for as long as it can and Instead of depriving it of this access, it will generally shift the process of data transfer via charging on iPhones to wireless technology only.

Azerbaijan news

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