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Google introduces new AR glasses that translate into a foreign language and transmit them to the user in subtitle format (VIDEO)

Google I / O 2022 The conference has already started and The company introduced a new innovative device at the conference. Conversation, private AR goes through the glasses. However, the new AR glasses were introduced in 2011 Google Glassdiffers from. So. that, Although the new AR glasses are similar to ordinary glasses, they help to eliminate an important barrier in communication between people. We are talking about language. The point is here that, For the person using the glasses in question, the glasses are presented in subtitle format, translating the foreign language used by the other person in real time. This, in turn, allows two people to understand each other. The video presented by the company shows the capabilities of these AR glasses. In that video Google the employee tries to communicate with people who speak other languages and speaks English.

The glasses, in turn, provide real-time subtitles in English, translating English into other people’s native languages. You can also see in the video that, Google’s new AR glasses can also convert sign language to subtitle format. It should be noted that, Although all these features are already available on smartphones, Google believes that the use of augmented reality is more convenient for communication. and is a natural method. It is not known at what stage the production of these AR glasses is. No information was provided about the technical characteristics of the glasses. However, it is unknown whether such glasses will go on sale as a result. No exception that, this device simply acts as a prototype and Developed to showcase Google’s technology.

Azerbaijan news

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