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Google Pixel 6a smartphone and wireless Pixel Buds Pro headphones are introduced

Google company I / O 2022 within the conference Pixel presented new products of his family. Conversation, Pixel 6a from your smartphone and wireless Pixel Buds Pro goes from headphones. Let’s start with the Pixel 6a. Introduced this mid-range smartphone last year Pixel 6 like models Google of the company Tensor has acquired an individual processor called and combines their unique design. In appearance, the Pixel 6a is reminiscent of the regular Pixel 6. So. that, Like the regular Pixel 6, the Pixel 6a has a front-facing camera screen in the center above the front panel, and a horizontal camera area in the rear panel. In addition, the screen of the smartphone Gorilla Glass 3 was covered with protective glass.

Pixel 6a models 60 Hzhas an image update Full HD + quality 6.1 inch OLED equipped with a screen. Fingerprint scanning technology has also been integrated directly into the screen. The body of the smartphone IP67 protected from water according to the standard. Stereo speakers on the Pixel 6a and designed for contactless payments NFC chip support implemented. As for the main technical parameters, the smartphone 5 cores with 8 cores Google Tensor processor, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB internal memory capacity, 12.2 MP (f / 1.7 aperture, 77 degree angle coverage, optical stabilization, 7 layers Super Res Zoom) + 12 MP (f / 2.2 aperture, 114 degree angle coverage) dual rear camera, 8 MP (f / 2.0 aperture, 84 degree angle coverage) front camera and It is equipped with a 4410 mAh battery with 18 watts of fast charging technology.

The rear cameras of the smartphone are 30/60 frames per second 4K and 1080p quality, and the front camera can capture 1080p quality videos at 30 frames per second. The modes are also implemented in the Pixel 6a, with important features supported on the cameras of Google Pixel models. Smartphone Android 12 works through. Google reported that, Pixel 6a model operating system update for 3 years and It will receive security updates within 5 years. Sales of the smartphone will begin in late July. The selling price will be $ 449.

In addition to the mid-range Pixel 6a smartphone, the company also introduced wireless headphones called Pixel Buds Pro. The main distinguishing features of the new headphones are that, they combine the function of actively suppressing ambient noise. In addition Pixel Buds A Unlike headphones, the Pixel Buds Pro can run for a longer time after a single charge. The compact Pixel Buds Pro headphones have replaceable silicone heads. 11 mm dynamic drivers are placed inside them.

The sound automatically adjusts to the volume in real time and as a result, the optimal sound quality is provided for the user. It should be noted that, These are Google’s first headphones with active ambient noise suppression. The company for this Silent Seal developed a special technology called Thanks to this technology, the ambient noise suppression function adapts to the specific user’s ear structure and provides the best effect to the user. In addition, the headset has a transparent mode. You can listen to the surrounding sounds through it.

Azerbaijan news

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