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Invisible queue on the Azerbaijani-Georgian border: What is happening?

Truck congestion is observed on the Azerbaijani-Georgian border. On the Azerbaijani side alone, 600 trucks are waiting in line.

Khazar Khabar has investigated the causes of congestion at the Sinig Korpu border checkpoint.

Drivers staying in truck parks for days are now a month that, such densities are observed.

Increase in the number of cargo shipments from Georgia to Azerbaijan UkraineRussia It is noted that this is due to the ongoing war between.

As a result of the sharp increase in the number of cars, the truck parks in the area are completely full. During the day, 300 trucks from Azerbaijan are provided at the “Broken Bridge” border checkpoint.

It was reported from the station that, if the Georgian side TIR and inspection of other trucks and If the Azerbaijani side intensifies the registration of vehicles and can provide a faster transition.

At present, the passage of trucks entitled to use the “Green Corridor” clearance system 24 hours is provided continuously throughout. Another 80 trucks are waiting in line at the checkpoint to cross the Green Corridor.


Azerbaijan news

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