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Kazakhstan and Turkey sign military cooperation agreement


This information was provided by RFE / RL’s Gazakh Service, citing official sources.

The statement came from the Kazakh Defense Ministry that, on May 11 president During Kasym-Jomart Tokayev’s state visit to Turkey, “Kazakhstan and A number of documents regulating bilateral military cooperation between Turkey have been signed.

The report did not provide details about these documents.

Of Turkey national Defense Minister Hulusi Akar stressed the importance of Turkish-Kazakh defense ties.

Ukrainian war factor

According to the Minister according to The agreement also provides for “joint military exercises and cooperation in the field of defense industry” between the two countries:

“With the signed joint declaration, we have raised our cooperation to a new level of strategic partnership. Turkey and Kazakhstan is two brotherly countries. We, as Turkey, want stability in Kazakhstan and We attach great importance to peace. “

This is also reported that, two president discussed the situation in Ukraine with the participation of limited delegations.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said:

“Our crisis is the sovereignty of Ukraine and Our interests overlap in a peaceful solution within the framework of maintaining territorial integrity. You know that, We have been working since the first days of the conflict to end the war in Ukraine. Of course, this war is a cooperation between the Turkic states, both bilaterally and under the tent of the Turkic states and confirms the importance of close unity. “

Favorable conditions

The report says that, Kazakhstan and A total of 14 documents were signed between the Turkish delegations.

Mass among these documents information Memorandum on cooperation in the field of international cargo snowagreement on joint transportation, agreement on simplification of customs procedure and information There is also a memorandum on cooperation in the field of technology.

Tokayev in 2019 president for the first time since being elected that, He arrived in Turkey on a state visit.

Russia’s visit to Ukraine is without reason and while the unfounded military intervention continued.

A number of experts say that, In this situation, favorable conditions have been created for Ankara to strengthen ties with the Central Asian states, which have historically been under Moscow’s sphere of influence.

Turkey Kyiv and He is one of the mediators in the talks between Moscow. Kazakhstan did not support Russia’s intervention in Ukraine and Georgi ribbons at the May 9 events and Like the Z symbols Russia banned the use of symbols.

Azerbaijan news

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