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Scandal in Iskander Hamidov’s house: his children quarreled, the house was put up for auction


The house of former Azerbaijani Interior Minister Isgandar Hamidov has been put up for auction in the Sabail district.

The reason for putting the house up for auction is Hamidov’s children – Hamidov Nofal and Majidzadeh could not be divided between Majid.

So. that, Majidzadeh, the elder brother, was sued by the latter for not giving a share of his father’s property to his brother Nofal.

Iskander Hamidov’s youngest son, the division of the apartment, if this is not possible, instead of a share compensation payment, followed by the sale of the property at an open auction and has filed a lawsuit in the Sabail District Court of Baku regarding the proper distribution of shares and The claim was upheld by the court.

The court determined that, Brother Majid Majidzadeh, who is in charge, uses the apartment himself, he has the keys, Hamidov does not allow Nofa to use the apartment. and creates difficulties. Also to dispose of shares in the future and It is already known that there will be difficulties in other cases. Because their relationship with their brother is very cold due to inheritance. Majidzadeh Majid alienated other property belonging to his father, but not in his father’s name, including the car (selling the car and its value) in various ways. It is reported that, Although Nofal tried to reach an agreement with his brother Majid, it was not possible. As a result, the court auctioned the apartment way decided to sell with.

Apartment No. 22 of the late Minister, located in the building No. 5, Istiglaliyyat Street, Sabail District, Baku (New rules: AZ1001, Baku, Sabail District, UN50th Anniversary Street, 7M9, m1) initial sale price is estimated at 350,000 AZN. The auction will be held on May 25.

Let `s note that, İ. Hamidov was the Minister of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan in 1992-93 and 2020died at the age of 71 in (Qafqazinfo)

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