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The Foreign Ministry responded to Pashinyan: The Armenian leadership is far from sincere


“During the speech of the Prime Minister of Armenia at the Klingendail Institute of International Relations in the Netherlands, Azerbaijan snowHis baseless allegations, including untrue allegations on humanitarian issues, show that the Armenian leadership is far from sincere in normalizing relations between the two countries.

The statement came from Leyla Abdullayeva, head of the Foreign Ministry’s press service.

“First of all, we remind you that, Azerbaijan occupied its territories free The Armenian side purposefully buried mines while leaving the territories, both systematically during the nearly 30-year occupation and after the signing of a tripartite declaration, and said that mines pose a serious threat to human life in the region. and Thus, when bringing the issue of pressure on Armenia to submit mine maps to Azerbaijan to the world community, the Armenian side initially denied the existence of mine maps in general. Then, facing the position of the international community on this issue, Armenia presented mine maps to Azerbaijan in parts. and The accuracy of the maps was 25%. In general, it would be wrong to describe Armenia’s submission of mine maps as a humanitarian gesture, as it was Armenia’s obligation under international humanitarian law after the signing of the tripartite statement.

Since the signing of the tripartite statement, 219 people, mostly civilians, have been killed victimIt happened. Sorry that, Our citizens regularly mine, including after the submission of maps by the Armenian side, as well as after the meeting of the two leaders in Brussels. victimthey become. This year only April as a result of 9 incidents that occurred in the month 10 people were injured by mines.

Azerbaijan is currently rebuilding and restoring the territories destroyed by Armenia for nearly 30 years. For decades, work has been done day and night to ensure that displaced people return to their homes. However, the large-scale mine problem in these areas poses a serious threat to the early return of IDPs. The only reason for this is the aggressive policy pursued by Armenia for 30 years and destructive, disruptive activity.

In this case, it is inappropriate for the Armenian Prime Minister to accuse Azerbaijan of not taking humanitarian steps and not returning the detained people of Armenian origin. and is unfounded. The Armenian leader would be good that, first understand the reasons for the detention in Azerbaijan of saboteurs of Armenian origin who entered the territory of Azerbaijan illegally.

Of course that, Humanitarian issues are an important part of the peace agenda and That is why Azerbaijan has always been guided by the principles of humanism in its activities, even during the 44-day war and took unilateral humanitarian steps after the war. But the Armenian side must finally understand that, For peace, we must not just talk, we must act.

However, the Prime Minister of Armenia to Azerbaijan snow“The fact that the United States is still making baseless allegations seriously calls into question the country’s desire to act for peace,” said Leyla Abdullayeva.

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