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The Ukrainian army approached the border with Russia near Kharkov


Kharkiv Violent fighting continues in the province. Russia troops were withdrawn from Kharkov and In some places it was shot at the border. “

RBC-Ukraine reports that, about it Ukraine President Adviser to the head of the office Alexei Aretovich said.

Ukraine The Armed Forces are approaching, they say, somewhere (Kharkiv in the province Russia On the border with the Federation – ed.). You need to understand that, data is received late.

Part of the troops they defeated Russia were taken to the territory of Luhansk, some were transferred to Luhansk, and some were transferred to LXR. and They replaced those mobilized from the PRC. But the border is not yet a safe zone. The conflict will not end there, “Arestovich said.

According to him according toRussian troops open fire from the border.

“It has a symbolic meaning, but it does not have a military meaning, because there may be shootings, there may be attempts to enter the territory. But they really refused Kharkov, “he added.

Azerbaijan news

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