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Windows 11 will not be available without an official Microsoft account

Microsoft having its own new operating system Windows 11Gradually adds certain restrictions to. According to the report, after the major update for the operating system, which will be introduced in the fall, you will definitely need to have a Microsoft user account to use Windows 11. It was noted in the report that, in October of this year Windows 11 22H2 update is expected to be available and During the installation of this update, the user will be required to log in with a Microsoft account. If the user does not have an official Microsoft account, he will be asked to create one.

However, it will not be possible to complete the update installation process without an official Microsoft account. Accordingly, as part of this process, the user will also need to connect to the Internet. It should be noted that, such a decision in Windows 11 Pro belongs to the version. So. that, The process of requiring an official Microsoft account in the regular version of the operating system has already been implemented. Having a Microsoft account, in turn, simplifies the process of reinstalling the operating system. In addition, the user in this case OneDrive cloud service and Acquires other Microsoft services. These new requirements will cover users who will be installing Windows 11. However, it is unknown whether this process will be required from those who already use the operating system.

Azerbaijan news

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