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$ 40 billion in aid to Ukraine is delayed by a senator

Senator Paul complained that, it’s a month Ukraine is the second largest aid package for and Congress “spends so much money”
Democrat in the US Senate on May 12 and Republican lawmakers rarely appear in Ukraine unanimously 40 billion Although they wanted to pass the decision on the aid package without a vote, they were prevented at the last moment by Republican Senator Rand Paul.
Reuters writes that, Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is working together to get the aid package to a vote, but Sen. Paul, who is usually uncompromising on financial issues, protestsaid.
Reuters writes that, This delay means that the event will be postponed until next week.
Senate the law has set a preliminary procedural vote for the draft next Monday.
But it can also happen that, require one of the senators to take procedural steps before the final vote.
In this case, the voting may take place in the middle of next week.
“If Senator Paul insists on his irresponsible demand…”
Sumer said in an address to lawmakers that, a majority of senators support the aid package and it is necessary to hurry to its reception:
“If Senator Paul insists on his irresponsible demand, the only thing he can achieve is to delay urgent aid to Ukraine.”
Reuters writes that, Paul insisted on his position.
The report says that, the law Western countries delay the adoption of the project for a week Russia aggression snowThis could pose a problem for Ukraine’s support.
President Cho Biden it’s over the law He hopes that the shipment of weapons to Ukraine will begin on May 19.
Stubborn senator
Senator Paul demands that, The law should be amended to reflect control over funds spent in Ukraine.
Reuters writes that, Without the consent of Rand Paul, the passage of this law will require lengthy procedural measures.
The bill passed the House of Representatives with 368 votes in favor and 57 against.
All those who voted against are Republicans.
President Cho Biden Congress to Ukraine 33 billion had applied for a dollar aid. However, MPs decided to increase this amount to 40 billion.
This is also reported that, Sumer and On May 12, McConnell suggested that Senator Paula vote on his amendment. For this amendment to pass 10The consent of 60 out of 0 senators was enough.
However, Paul did not accept the offer and said that, The Senate must vote on the amendment before voting on the aid package.


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