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Elon Musk has stopped the process of buying Twitter: What is the reason?

Starting from the middle of last month Elon Muskof TwitterInformation about the plan to buy began to emerge. Before that information came out, Musk said social shares of the network 9%had obtained. April was officially announced at the end of the month that, Musk Twitter 44 billion dollars will receive. But now it is known that, he stopped the Twitter acquisition process. The reason is social fake on the network and spam user accounts. Those user accounts bother Musk and he wants to determine the number of such accounts on Twitter. According to the information social network acquisition has not been canceled.

He was simply suspended for some time. During this time, fake on Twitter and The number of spam user accounts must be specified. Musk said that, According to Twitter, the number of such accounts on the social network is 5% of total user accounts. Musk said that, The conclusion of the contract between the parties was postponed until the accuracy of this indicator is determined. The value of Twitter shares after the news broke 20% fell down. Fake by Twitter and prepared on spam user accounts reportwhen will be presented and It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Azerbaijan news

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