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Erdogan does not approve of Finland or Sweden joining NATO

He claimed that, Sweden and In other Scandinavian countries, groups that Turkey considers terrorists are supported
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on May 13 that, his country is Finland and Sweden NATO“does not look positively” to join.
The Associated Press (AP) writes that, Turkey NATOUsing the veto power in can really hinder this process.
Erdogan told reporters:
“We are Sweden and Let’s follow the events in Finland and We do not have a positive opinion on this. “
The President of Turkey took his position in Sweden and Kurdish separatists in other Scandinavian countries and He explained Ankara’s claims that Turkey supports other groups it considers terrorists.
Turkey’s “mistake” with Greece
Erdogan added that, Turkey does not want to repeat the “mistake” it once made about Greece.
He said that, Turkey in Greece in 1980 NATOAlthough it agreed to rejoin, Athens became hostile to Ankara in the following years.
AP writes that, Erdogan Finland and Sweden’s accession to NATO snowHe did not say directly that he would take the bottle, but according to the rules of the alliance according to here all decisions are taken by consensus, ie with the consent of all 30 member states.
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that, Finland and If an official application is received from Sweden, the alliance will gladly accept their intention to join.
According to several NATO officials according to An official application from these two countries can be received “within a week or two.”
Analysis and hesitation
Meanwhile, Sweden is considering the possible security consequences of the country’s accession to NATO.
They are wary in Sweden that, At a time when the war in Ukraine continues, the country’s accession to NATO could prompt Moscow to retaliate.
An analysis commissioned by the Swedish government reportı for discussion parliamentsubmitted to Discussions are scheduled for May 13.
As a result of these debates, Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson’s cabinet must decide on NATO membership.
AP writes that, Although NATO membership gives Sweden collective security guarantees, it could provoke a possible Russian response.
Experts say Russia’s possible response is hybrid attacks, the Swedish navy and weather note the violation of space.
The report submitted by the government says that, Russia’s war in Ukraine to other countries snowhas limited its aggression, but Moscow is still targeting countries such as Sweden snowThe enemy is able to take action.
Report does not make any recommendations to the government on whether to join NATO.


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