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For the first time in history, scientists have been able to successfully grow plants on the moon

Moon agriculture The field has taken another big step in its development. So. that, American scientists Moon land announced the successful completion of experiments on the cultivation of plants in the samples. Of course that, still talking food Although it is not a plant that will be accepted as a product, it is a big step towards creating a permanent habitat on the Moon in the future. Moon land is very rare on Earth. That’s it according to also usually scientists this and or use different methods to conduct other experiments. For example, some of them take samples from the desert of Arizona and simulate them as the land of the Moon and plant seeds are placed in such simulated soil samples. In 2019, Chinese scientists were able to grow tissues inside the lunar apparatus using samples of lunar soil. However, no tissues within that experiment per day they could not stand it and perished.

University of Florida scientists Anna-Lisa Paul and Rob Ferl but they have taken a big step in this work. These scientists, in turn, for 11 yearsreqolit) conducted various experiments with. It should be noted that, regolith occurred in the last century Apollo-11, 12 and 17 collected as part of missions and delivered to Earth. Although these collected specimens have great historical significance, scientists have used them to grow a limited number of plants NASAfrom 12 grams were able to obtain the amount of regolith. Using very small containers, such as a tray, scientists have applied each to them 1 gram They placed a sample of lunar soil. They then moistened 1 gram of lunar soil sample placed in each container with nutrients and containers arabidopsis placed the seeds of a plant called.

In parallel, scientists obtained the seeds of the same plant on Earth and to the land of the simulated Moon and They were placed in soil samples obtained from the most extreme environments of the Earth. As a result, plants grew in all the containers containing the lunar soil sample. However, the experiment was not stable. So. that, became known that, From the seeds placed in the lunar soil samples, the plants grew more slowly. In addition, they add salt to plants and exhibited effects characteristic of interactions with metals. Scientists have come to this conclusion that, Moon soil can be a source of stress for plants. Now scientists need to find a way to reduce that stress level.

Azerbaijan news

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