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Georgia’s grain reserves are depleted: will there be a famine?


“Georgia’s grain reserves are virtually depleted and Work in the mills will stop in the coming days.

TASS reports that, Georgian Grain and Levan Silgava, head of the Association of Flour Producers, told Interpressnews.

According to him according toFor several months now, the country has been importing flour instead of wheat: “Today, grain stocks are virtually depleted. According to Georgian law, the import of flour tax no, but a ton of grain 120 dollars tax is required”.

Let `s note that, Georgia consumes 650,000 tons of grain a year. The republic meets 15 percent of this need, and the rest is imported from Russia.

“Georgia has two months’ supply of flour,” he said according to Bread production is not in danger. “

This was stated by the director of the Georgian Association of Bakery Producers Malkhaz Dolidze he said.

According to him according toa sharp rise in prices according to Wheat is not imported to Georgia: “However, some flour mills supply flour and This trend will continue until the price of wheat stabilizes.

Commenting on the issue, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Georgia Giorgi Khanishvili he said that, Imports of flour automatically led to a decrease in wheat stocks.

He said that, The government is cheap so that the Georgian people can get cheap bread flour facilitated imports and There is no problem with flour stocks in the country.

The Deputy Minister noted that, any in the country food There is no shortage of food products: “Georgia is provided with any food product, any food There is no sign of a product deficit.

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