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Russia lost at least one battalion in one operation

The report says that, Russia during this operation itself 1000 battalion tactical group of soldiers and lost equipment to build a pontoon bridge

Ukraine trying to cross a river in the south of the country on May 12 Russia a large number of manpower of the army and reported the destruction of military equipment.

Ukraine Ministry of Defense on May 13 Russia the collapse of a pontoon bridge over the Siversky Donets River and published photos of Russian tanks burning nearby.

The British Ministry of Defense on May 13 in its intelligence bulletin Ukraine the crossing of the river by Russian troops snowconfirmed that he had received the bottle.

The report says that, Russia has seized its important “elements” during the operation. 1000 battalion tactical group of soldiers and lost equipment to build a pontoon bridge.

This is also noted that, Russian forces have failed to make significant progress in the area:

“Crossing the river in the war zone is a risky maneuver and “This incident shows the pressure on Russian commanders to make progress in eastern Ukraine.”

Another Russian ship?

Britain MN reports that, Although Russian troops brought other forces to the area, they were unable to advance.

Ukrainian officials said that, The country’s armed forces have also succeeded in the Black Sea. To their claim according to Another Russian ship was destroyed here.

This news has not yet been confirmed by Russia.

From advisers to the President of Ukraine Oleksi Arestovich he said that, The Russian logistics ship Vsevolod Bobrov was damaged but did not sink.

According to Arestovich according to The ship was trying to bring an anti-aircraft system to Zmeyini Island.

RFE / RL’s Russian Service reports that, Kirill Budanov, chief of the General Intelligence Department of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, said on May 13:

“Whoever controls this island can block the movement of civilian ships in the south of Ukraine at any time. Zmeyiny Island is the territory of Ukraine and we will fight as much as we need to bring it back from occupation. This is the opening of sea trade routes, bringing us weapons and All possible military operations in Russia’s Transnistria snowis a strategically important point for the acquisition of

It is reported that, still on May 2, Ukrainian troops hit Russian targets on the island of Zmeyiny Bayraktar Confirming the use of TB2 drones video published. On the same day, two Russian Raptor patrol boats came under fire.

May 10Captain of one of the Raptor boats of the InformNapalm Volunteer Society and published a radio conversation between his command. In an audio recording, the authenticity of which has not been confirmed by independent sources, the captain of the caterpillar asked the command for air defense and Bayraktar says being chased by drones.

It is reported that, to facilities on the Ukrainian island throughout May and He hit the boats around him not only with drones, but also with Su-27 fighters.

As a result of these attacks, the Tor anti-aircraft missile system on the island was hit. The attack was reportedly filmed by one of the drones.

Another video claims that Russian boats approaching the island were shot down.


Azerbaijan news

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