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The confidential information of a total of 21 million users of various VPN services has been leaked to the Internet

VPN Mentor A variety of specialists from an IT company called VPN A database containing the confidential information of a total of 21 million users of its services has been made public on the Internet. The discovered database contains data of users of 3 popular free VPN services. According to a report submitted by experts, the database was put up for sale on the darknet last year. Some time ago, the database began to be distributed free of charge on the Internet. In the said database GeckoVPN, SuperVPN and ChatVPN information of users of services is available.

Among the confidential information are users’ e-mail addresses, nicknames used in the services and real names, locations, generated passwords, payment information and The premium subscriptions they use have expiration dates. According to experts, hackers use such a database to phishing users’ confidential information via e-mail. and can send fraudulent letters. In addition, hackers use this information to hijack a certain user’s account and at its expense they can take advantage of premium opportunities. Users of the listed VPN services are advised to quickly change the passwords of user accounts on those services. In addition, those users are suspected of any SMS and or reject the email.

Azerbaijan news

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