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The EU will allocate an additional 500 million euros to Ukraine

Ukraine Near Snake Island Russia reports that the fleet hit a logistics ship

Europe Head of Foreign Policy of the Union (EU) Joseph Borrel he says that, It will allocate an additional 500 million euros in military assistance to Ukraine.

Speaking at a meeting of G7 foreign ministers in northern Germany on May 13, Borrell said that, military aid tanks and will include heavy weapons such as artillery, EU aid to Ukraine 2 billion will deliver in euros.

The union of the G7

Borrel Russia He expressed confidence that an agreement on an embargo on oil would be reached in a few days. “We must get rid of our dependence on oil from Russia” – The leading EU official added.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Trass He called for more weapons to be sent to Ukraine.

“Currently, by sending more weapons to Ukraine and strengthening sanctions Russia President Vladimir PutinIt is very important that we keep the pressure on – Trass said during the meeting.

“Freedom in this crisis and The unity of the G7 is crucial in maintaining democracy and We will continue to work in this direction. “ – Trass stressed.

News from Ukraine

In the meantime Ukraine There are reports that Russian forces have struck in some places. Britain The Defense Ministry notes in its daily bulletin on May 13 that, Russian forces cross the river in the Donbas snowglass was taken.

Armored vehicles of Russian forces trying to cross the Seversky Donets River, west of the city of Severodonetsk, were reportedly shot down. The photos are said to reflect those images.

It is noted in the information that, Russian commanders are under increasing pressure from their leaders, who are increasingly resorting to risky strategies in the war zone.

Ukraine It also says the Russian navy shot down a logistics ship near Snake Island.

The country’s state news agency Ukrinform quoted a spokesman for the regional command as saying that the ship had caught fire.

The agency says the fleet “lost” the ship Vsevolod Bobrov.

It was not possible to independently confirm this claim, and the Russian side did not report any damage to any naval vessel.


Azerbaijan news

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