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The new rules of the European Union will require messengers to scan messages

Europe Of the Commission according to the new rules it is preparing to offer Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger messengers such as will scan users’ messages according to their preferences. The goal is for children snowsexual violence (CSAM) and minors by adults snowis the search for materials covering cases of aggression. In question the law the project in turn information security specialists and was severely criticized by human rights activists. In question the law After information about the project surfaced earlier this week, he called a number of groups and was criticized by experts.

According to one of the critics, this is new the law The document covering his project is the scariest thing he has ever seen. According to some experts, this bill is desirable free is one of the most embarrassing bills incompatible with democracy. The new bill introduces some obligations, especially for online service providers. There are also application stores, hosting services and service providers that include interpersonal communication. Stricter norms for popular messengers snowwill be applied. So. that, this and or after receiving a request from another government, the messenger administration will scan the messages of users assigned by the government that sent the request.

This in turn computer vision of tools and designed to analyze the contexts of texts with photos artificial intelligence will make the use of systems important. However, the request to be sent by the government in the document of the bill in questionflour how to target (individuals, groups and or a wider category of users). According to critics of the bill, such surveys can be used to track large groups of users. According to some experts, this bill allows for a more generalized follow-up. In addition, this law messages if adopted end-to-end will make their encryption meaningless.

Although the bill does not prohibit the use of end-to-end encryption, companies must use software that will help identify CSAM content in their systems. This, in turn, makes end-to-end encryption impossible. So. that, Europe While the rules of the Union affect digital policy anywhere in the world, these new norms will apply to the rest of the world. According to experts Europe This process, which the union wants to carry out, cannot be carried out without mass scanning of the messages. If the bill is passed at the level of real law, it will damage the privacy of users not only in the European Union but also around the world.

Azerbaijan news

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