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The second public beta version of Android 13 has been released: What’s new?

Google company Android 13 has launched the second public beta version of the operating system. Commissioned Android 13 Beta 2 version includes some updates. Although the innovations mainly cover the interface design, Google The company has plans for other exciting features to be implemented on Android 13. Android 13 Beta 2 has already been launched for smartphones of various brands. Between them Xiaomi, Google Pixel, OPPO, In vivo, ZTE, OnePlus, Nokia and s. There are smartphones. Beta 2 combines cosmetic innovations that mainly cover the interface. One of the main innovations in the new beta of the operating system is the prediction of gesture movements.

So. that, If the user does not complete the return slide gesture, the system can inform the user about the consequences of this action. Developers have improved the audio player interface on the lock screen, changed the animation of switching between sections in the settings menu and added a more standard color scheme to design the interface of the operating system. Material You The features of the themes have also been used for external applications. The company has also announced new features to be added to Andorid 13 later this year.

Thus, the privacy settings in the new operating system will be further expanded. So. that, applications will even need user permission to send notifications. In addition to which photos of user applications and will also be able to determine if they can get the videos. A new page on security settings will be added to the system menu and This page will display all information related to the confidentiality of user information. Android 13 will allow you to set a different interface language for each application. Another innovation is the protocol for sending short messages RCSmessages will be encrypted in group chats using. The final version of Android 13 is expected to be released in the fall.

Azerbaijan news

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