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Why are organizations the biggest threat to themselves?

Ransomware attacks 2020123 million in dollars is estimated to have caused damage (source: IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2021).

Europe Network and According to the Information Security Agency (ENISA) according toEach in 2021 In 11 seconds An ransomware attack has occurred and the activities of the attacked organizations on average 23 days suspended during.

According to cybercriminals public administration, digital service providers, public service, health and finance target sectors.

Because 90% of the malware encountered by businesses is delivered via email, all businesses, regardless of the number of employees, are vulnerable to cyberattacks (Source: Verizon, 2019 Data Broach Investigations Report, May 2019).

Money is not the only cause of ransomware attacks. In most cases, cybercriminals want to steal confidential information protected by the organization. Stolen information, victimis used as an additional means of coercion if it decides not to pay the ransom. Blackmailers take advantage of the fact that the disclosure of information to the public can seriously damage the reputation of the victims.

Three types of cyber attacks

Cyber ​​threats can be divided into three groups based on where they come from. We are the first group as individuals inside. We are the biggest danger for ourselves. “Bad” passwords, “wrong” clicks, inadequate user identity management, security and lack of investment in technology professionals.

To the second group “randomcyberattacks includes. They are caused by threats that surround us everywhere (websites, emails, documents). Cybercriminals suffer from a “flaw” in the system and or static and or less automated malware and use human negligence through scripts.

The third group of cyber threats to organizations snows purposeful attacks.

“It simply came to our notice then. These attacks, unlike the previous ones, are well coordinated and very talented teams, ie cybercriminal groups are led, their motives are usually money and or any political is on the agenda. Such threats snowcyber defense is very difficult and we must do our best to complicate the work of the attackers. First of all, we need to make sure that the organization is not at risk from the first two groups, “said Span’s response manager. Neven Zitek said in an interview with about cyber attacks.

Azerbaijan news

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