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Why doesn’t Azerbaijan open land borders?


Coronavirus pandemic according tomore than two years that, Azerbaijan has closed its land borders, only the country weather way It is possible to leave, only the land border between Nakhchivan and Turkey is open.

The final decision of the Cabinet of Ministers according toa pandemic in the country according to Although a number of restrictions have been lifted, the closure of land borders has been extended until July 1.

To the health of 37-year-old Baku resident Sahiba Allahverdiyeva according to He has to go to Iran, but because he can’t afford to go by plane, he has to get permission to cross the country by land. He says his leg should be amputated: “I do not have the opportunity to go to the doctor to have it done in Azerbaijan. In addition to amputation, I have to pay for a prosthesis. She according to I also want to go to Iran. It’s cheap there. “

Ministry building snow“How many men are you?” – they ask each other. “I’m here at 6 in the morning, I’m the 13th person,” “I arrived at 9 o’clock, I’m the 133rd person,” the answers are different. There is also the 180th in the queue.

Afag Rzayeva, who came from Ganja, also wants to go to Iran, where she takes her young child for treatment: “We have not gone since the beginning of the pandemic. The child had a brain problem because he was given heavy chemicals in the hospital. Here trustI don’t have it according to I also want to take the child to Iran. “

He came to Baku today with permission, and if they can’t get the document, they will be forced to stay in Baku.

“Doesn’t a person catch a virus on a plane?”

Sometimes there are voices of dissatisfaction among those waiting in line. Someone says he is tired of waiting, someone is tired and can’t stand up. Someone asks if he has been waiting for hours and why his turn has not yet arrived.

“I have to go to Iran for eye surgery, I had an open eye operation. Now this must be someone. Plane prices are very expensive. Every time I go 1000 dollars I have money, and when it comes to the price of the plane, it is a lot, ”a Baku resident, Aziza, told the BBC.

He is supported by a woman named Maleyka next to him:

“Oh boy, I’ve been going to the doctor for years, and I’ve been shopping. What did I hide? I earned my bread from there. I brought my children from there, educated them with what I sold, married them. They cut our food for two years. We understand that, We sat in the “corona” and waited. Now that, open the boundaries of each place. What are their goals in closing? We have started work. Doesn’t a person catch a virus on a plane? ”

“I have to come here at 6 in the morning and sit here that, I can take turns “

It is 11 o’clock in the morning. Suddenly dissatisfied voices are heard. Those who know that there is a young man wounded in the Second Karabakh War among those waiting in line, want him to pass without a queue. The noise subsides after the former war veteran enters.

The wife of Rashad Sadigov, who came here with his wife to get permission and children Russia are citizens. He says that, Although they came to Azerbaijan before the pandemic, they have not been able to leave the country for two years.

“It simply came to our notice then that, my friend Russia, I am an Azerbaijani citizen. We do not have the opportunity to go by plane. We want to go by land, but they do not allow me. But we can go by plane. “

Our interviewee says that, There is no reason to live in Azerbaijan.

“There is no house, no threshold here. There is no work. Moreover, children will start studying there, we have to go. I didn’t know that, there is such a queue here. I have to come here at 6 in the morning on the fifth day and sit here that, I can take turns. “

“I’ve been stuck here for three months”

One of the citizens, who did not want to be named, said that, entered the country by car in early March. Now he can’t get a document.

“I have been stuck here for three months. I have a flight from Poland to Canada on the 22nd of the month. If I didn’t have to drive, I would fly. They once refused to go by land. Now I do not know what will happen. We are waiting. “

Another woman, who did not want to be named, said she was waiting in line that, He was not allowed to enter the country by car. Although they crossed several borders, they had to park at the border at the crossing from Georgia to Azerbaijan. Now “the car has been stranded at the border for months because he has not been able to prepare the document.”

The road from Nakhchivan is open

But it is possible to leave the country by land via Nakhchivan. BBC News was told in Azerbaijani from the Dilucu border checkpoint in Turkey that, Since March of this year, citizens of both Azerbaijan and Turkey have been able to travel in both directions without any obstacles and are not required to issue any permits.

Some tourism companies in Azerbaijan also organize tours to Turkey via Nakhchivan.

A representative of one of the tourism companies operating in Baku told the BBC that, They take tourists to Turkey without any obstacles, but their customers have to go to Nakhchivan themselves: “At the entrance and exit, only Jovid’s passport is checked. No additional documentation is required. We were leaving Georgia before the pandemic. Now we come and go from Nakhchivan without any problems.

in Azerbaijan coronavirus Restrictions on access to the pandemic are imposed by the Cabinet of Ministers.

The Cabinet of Ministers did not answer the question of BBC News about the need for Azerbaijan to keep its borders still closed.

“According to the Law on Sanitary and Epidemiological Health, the government has a direct authority to impose restrictions on access,” Prime Minister Ali Asadov said in a speech to parliament in March.

Milli Assembly deputyAydin Huseynov believes that, coronavirus in the country according to Since the special quarantine regime has not been completely abolished, it is important that the land borders remain closed: “I am not an expert on this issue, but for the application of the quarantine regime, the spread of the disease, the intensity of the spread, in what form and such factors are considered. This process is underway in most countries. The WHO has no final opinion on the end of the pandemic in the world.

According to him, “it requires a sensitive approach, because it is a matter of human health.”

Statistics of the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan according to, the highest daily infection with coronavirus in recent weeks was 33. As of May 11 according tocurrently the number of active patients is 70 people, the first of May 10 No coronavirus deaths have been reported in the country. (BBC)

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