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24 NEW LANGUAGES have been added to Google Translate


Google Translate ”has added 24 new languages ​​to its system. reports citing foreign media that, of the included languages 10are the languages ​​of African countries.

The newly added African languages ​​to the translation application are:

Ashante, spoken by 11 million people in Ghana

Bambara spoken by 14 million people in Mali

Qana and Jeje, spoken by 7 million people in Togo

Sierra Leone, Cryo, spoken by 4 million people in Uganda

Ethiopia and Oromo, spoken by 37 million people in Kenya

Republic of Congo, Angola, South Sudan and Lingala, spoken by 45 million people in the Central African Republic

Eritrea and Tigrinya, spoken by 8 million people in Ethiopia

Esvatini, Mozambique, South Africa and Tsongo, spoken by 7 million people in Zimbabwe

Other languages ​​added are Sorani dialect, as well as India and Latin America and Includes Filipino languages.

Let `s note that, so “Google The number of languages ​​served by Translate was 133.

Azerbaijan news

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