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An AR device with artificial intelligence technology will be developed for US military medical personnel

US Department of Defense Office for Prospective Research Projects (DARPA) Raytheon BBN has started cooperation with a company called. This is for military medical personnel in the framework of cooperation Magic AI called AR the device must be prepared. Such a device can analyze the patient’s condition in the provision of first aid and can give their advice on the final results. AR device called Magic AI medical will act as an aid system. The device in question is audio and video will be equipped with sensors. In addition, the control system in the AR device artificial intelligence will be carried out by. The system of the AR device is 2,500 units covering the medical field video and 50 million photos will be instructed.

Thanks to this, the AR device can give verbal instructions on how to provide first aid to a real victim over time. and or provide visual advice at the scene. The AR device will display the sequence of necessary actions and will assist in determining the dose of the medication prescribed for the victim. “The work of military doctors is complicated and is chaotic. Our main goal is to provide support staff with the necessary guidance without distracting them, ”said Raytheon BBN. According to the information, the first demonstration of the AR device for military medical personnel is planned for 2024.

Azerbaijan news

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