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Bad news for those looking for a house to rent in Baku

The last few months that, There is a stagnation in the rental housing market. Experts attribute this to the rising cost of rental housing. Although the price of rental apartments decreases every year during these months, it is the opposite. What is the reason for this?

The easing of pandemic rules has seriously affected prices in the rental housing market.

Earlier, in these months, there was a decline in rents in the capital, but now there is no sign of this trend. Property expert Nofal Guliyev says that, The reason is that the classes are held in the traditional way. Students living in rented accommodation in Baku do not return their house to the owner during the holidays.

Hashim Gadirov, who buys and sells houses, also says that, There is a shortage of housing in the market because students do not rent apartments. Due to reduced competition, the price of rental apartments has risen.

Expert Nofal Guliyev says that, About 70-75 percent of the rental housing market customers in the capital are students. According to the expert according tocurrently at home prices 10There is an increase of 0-150 manats. If there are not many apartments in the market, the price increase will continue in the coming months.

Experts also say so that, Currently, the most in demand in the rental housing market are two-bedroom apartments. (KhazarNews)


Azerbaijan news

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