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Guides stood up: Wage cuts are not legal


On May 16, a group of railway workers gathered in front of the Azerbaijan Railways CJSC in Baku to express their grievances. They said that, salaries have been reduced.

The railwaymen stressed that, It is not right to reduce wages before contracts expire. They added that, Salaries have been reduced by 250 manat, while previously they received 370 manat.

The complainants said that, this step coronavirus is explained by the closure of the country’s roads due to the pandemic. They say that, now only inland trains can run on some routes.

The complainants were confronted by a responsible person

A person who introduced himself as Elyar Muradov, head of the Passenger Transportation Department of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC, said: that, This step was taken in accordance with the Labor Code. He also said that, coronavirus There are idle times on the railway due to the pandemic. The chairman stressed that, They have been paid in full for two years, and have been on leave since May 1.

E.Muradov said that, In case of vacancy, two-thirds of the employee’s salary is paid in accordance with the labor code. He then summoned the complainants for a reception.

Some of the complainants also stressed that, in fact, there was a presidential decree that, pandemic according to not to affect the salaries of unemployed employees. They said that, The aim is to hire people close to them instead of some guides.

Then to the scene police also came and The complainants were sent to the reception.

Coronavirus pandemic 2020It has been quarantined in Azerbaijan since March. Although quarantine has been significantly eased during this period, the country’s land border has not yet been opened.

Azerbaijan news

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