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It is reported that there are 600 wounded fighters in Azovstal

Women calling for the rescue of their wives to go to Turkey, President They plan to meet with Recep Tayyip Erdogan and ask him for help for their husbands

In the city of Mariupol, Ukraine Russia There are about 600 wounded Ukrainian fighters at the Azovstal plant, which is under siege by the military. That’s it Ukraine Milli From the Guard Denis Schlega national said on the air of the telethon.

According to him according to, the condition of 40 of the hundreds injured is very serious. Schlega said that, medicines and medical The tools are “lacking”. He told RFE / RL that the situation was complicated Ukraine service writes.

Anesthesia without anesthesia

On May 15, the spouses of the defendants in Azovstal also confirmed this information at an online press conference. Ekaterina Prokopenko, Yulia Fedosyuk, Anna Naumenko and Darya Tsikunovato the words of according to, husbands drink a glass of technical water during the day, very little food left. They said that a large number of severely wounded fighters died at the plant due to lack of drugs and were amputated without anesthesia.

Women calling for the rescue of their wives to go to Turkey, President Recep Tayyip ErdoganThey plan to meet her and ask her for help for her husband.

“Nastoyasheye Vremya” TV channelı Azov Regiment (Ukraine Milli extreme right-wing volunteer group of the Guards) fighter Dmitri Kozatski made contact with. He also said that 40-50 of the 600-700 wounded fighters in Azovstal were in “critical condition” and needed urgent evacuation.

A battle is going on in the territory of the plant

Kozatsky noted that the fighting took place on the territory of Azovstal. “All this is heavy enemy artillery, tanks and supports aviation. Our fighters repel all maximum attacks of the enemy “, – The fighter of Azov spoke

Azovstal has become the last stronghold of Ukrainian defenders in Mariupol. Most of the city Russia came under the control of the military. Territorial defense groups in Azovstal and border fighters are protected.

Ukraine is trying to evacuate these fighters and send them to a third country where they can stay until the end of the occupation. Turkey has made such an evacuation proposal. Russia He demanded that the fighters be taken prisoner. Negotiations are underway to replace the seriously wounded with Russian prisoners.

Russia began occupying Ukraine on February 24. The West is imposing heavy sanctions on him.


Azerbaijan news

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