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The howitzers provided by the United States were placed on the front line

Ukraine The United States has placed most of its recently delivered howitzers on the front line

Russia is expected to resume attacks in eastern Ukraine on May 16. NATO He said that Moscow’s occupation was not going according to plan and that the operation aimed at capturing the Donbas had slowed down.

Ukraine army is the country’s second largest city Kharkiv said the counter-attack intensified around.

“We are preparing for new attempts by Russia to attack the Donbas”,President Volodimir Zelenski said in a speech on the night of May 15.

“The occupiers are still at a dead end, they do not accept the failure of the ‘special operation’,” he said. He added.

Advisor to the President Alexey Arestovichin the words of according toDue to the Ukrainian counter-attack Kharkiv drawn around Russia forces are directed in the direction of the Donbas.

Ukraine can win this war “

Russia’s occupation has been met with fierce resistance from Ukraine and numerous logistical issues. Moscow’s initial goal was to seize control of Ukraine and overthrow its government.

However Russia After the capital failed to capture Kiev, it began to retreat around it, focusing on eastern Ukraine in mid-April.

Great living force and lost military equipment Russia It is under heavy sanctions from the West.

“They could not capture Kiev. Kharkiv The major operation in the Donbas has stopped. Russia does not reach strategic goals “ – Stoltenberg said.

“Ukraine can win this war” Said the Secretary General KyivHe stressed the importance of continuing military support.

Howitzers were placed on the front line

The Ukrainian military is advancing in the north, almost reaching the border with Russia. This was stated by Interior Ministry Undersecretary Vadim Denisenko. But on the morning of May 16 in Kharkov weather alarm is reported.

Arestovich said the retreating Russian forces had been sent to eastern Luhansk.

“Their task is to capture the eastern city of Severodonetsk. Nothing works for them. ” He stressed.

Ukraine has deployed most of the recent US howitzers on the front line. Washington has delivered almost all of the planned 90 artillery pieces. This information was announced by the US Embassy in Kiev.


On May 16 NATO He is starting one of his biggest trainings in Estonia. Hedgehog trainings will last two weeks. To events 10 from the country, including the United States, BritainFinland, which is not a member of the alliance and 15,000 soldiers from Sweden will participate.

Finland and Sweden has announced its intention to join NATO. Both countries announced their official intention on May 15 and may apply for membership in a few days.


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