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The number of active users of Xiaomi smartphones has exceeded 500 million people

Counterpoint Research In the first quarter of this year, according to the company Xiaomi The company has achieved a significant achievement in its history. So. that, the number of active users of its smartphones 500 million passed the man. With that, Xiaomi is a world leader Apple with Samsung companies have risen to the same level as they have. In recent years, Xiaomi has gone from being a regional manufacturer of budget smartphones to a global company with a strong position in the premium smartphone market. Despite the very good recognition in the regional markets, the Xiaomi brand is also recognized globally COVID-19 pandemic became a mediator. The company has strengthened its position mainly in the Indian market. So. that, In the first quarter of this year, Xiaomi became the largest smartphone manufacturer in India. India and In other markets besides China, the company ranks third.

The bulk of the company’s revenue comes from internet services and primarily advertising. So. that, the company’s total revenue from these areas in 2021 4.16 billion dollars formed. However, unlike other regional markets, the revenue from services in the Chinese market is higher. According to Xiaomi, revenue from Internet services 80%is the share of the Chinese market. Xiaomi’s services outside China Google It is difficult to say whether it will be able to compete with giants such as Theoretically, a large user base should be a mediator for the future development of the brand. Due to this, the company has more opportunities to monetize traffic on its smartphones.

Record performance also allows it to sell more effectively products belonging to other segments. For example, wireless headphones, smart watches and IoT (Internet of Things) products can be brought. The company has already developed an IoT ecosystem and has products that are connected to that ecosystem. These range from robotic vacuum cleaners to wireless headphones. However, the company is not able to make the most of its popularity. For example, Xiaomi, which has gained the status of a major manufacturer in India, is not even in the top five in the ranking of sales of smart watches and headphones in this market. No exception that, Company sales prices for markets like India and will have to make changes to its core strategy, including product updates.

Azerbaijan news

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