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A serious system vulnerability in iOS can cause problems even if the iPhone is turned off (VIDEO)

Located in Germany Darmstadt Technical University Researchers have found a serious system vulnerability in iOS and thanks to that system gap iPhone track users and it is even possible to download malware on their devices. The main serious side of the problem is that that, All these processes can be performed even when the iPhone is off. Identified problem Find My related to the application. It should be noted that, loss of the application devices in question and or to find them in case of theft. The point is here that, Bluetooth, NFC and UWB The broadband network works even when the iPhone is turned off.

And that means that, Wireless network modules can potentially be used by hackers to carry out various cyber attacks. In addition, in low power consumption mode Apple Some features remain active, including contactless payments for smartphone users. “Bluetooth, NFC on the latest iPhone models and The broadband UWB network will continue to work even if smartphones are disabled, ”the researchers said. In addition, the researchers were able to integrate malware into the iPhone via Bluetooth.

However, despite the fact that the iPhone was turned off during the experiment, its Bluetooth module continued to work actively. It was noted in the report that, It is not possible to integrate malware into the device in this way, although it is a complicated process. Experts said that, Apple Although the engineers were familiar with the problem, they did not comment on it. However, the report said that, In order to take full advantage of this problem, hackers must first do so and or get another user’s iPhone. That’s it according to and if this does not happen, the system is emptyflour no danger to the average user.

Azerbaijan news

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