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‘Google transmits users’ confidential information to advertisers on an incredible scale’

Bloomberg According to the website Google The company provides users’ personal information to advertisers on an incredible scale. So. that, According to the information, the company has several data transfers during the day billion realizes times. This is much higher than the data transfer rates of other companies. Bloomberg reports that, only this year January from the end of March Google 68 billion dollars earned income and come to this 54 billion dollarsı it was the share of advertisements. Other companies GoogleLocations, habits, purchases of users and the websites they visit and get information about.

Citizen of Ireland Council of Liberties According to the information, advertising platforms provide users’ information to advertisers throughout the year 178 trillion times they transmit. But Google alone Europe and User information to advertisers in the US every day 70 billion times transmits. Bloomberg noted that, every application launched on a smartphone and or the website becomes a kind of trading platform in the way of attracting the user’s attention. So. that, The smartphone transmits user information to third parties for displaying targeted advertisements. As a result, the winning advertiser becomes the advertiser who pays more for access to that information.

According to Bloomberg, Google transmits confidential information of users from the United States to 5,000 organizations. However, the transmitted data also includes special notes covering the disadvantages that users have. For example, the user has problems with the law, anxiety disorders and or if it supports violence, its information is marked with special notes covering such problems. Such trading of user data, in turn, leads to their seizure and facilitates transmission to fraudsters. Journalists noted that, This situation will worsen as the popularity of smart devices grows. So. that, user data not only smartphones, but also smart speakers and bracelets also transmit.

Azerbaijan news

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