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Putin loses even if he takes Mariupol …

According to experts, Russia’s chances of gaining an advantage are diminishing as Ukraine buys the most modern weapons from the West.
Military experts say that, Russia Although forces have taken control of the ruins of the city of Mariupol, they will not be able to capture the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine.
Reuters quotes analysts as saying that, Russia Presidents Vladimir Putin can send new forces to the front line, but it is difficult that, who continued to buy him the most modern weapons from the West Ukraine to the army snowgive preference.
Konrad Muzyka, director of Rochan Consulting in Poland, says:
“I think it’s relative to the current forces,” he said Russia is a defeat for them, or they must declare mobilization. I have no other choice. “
Music and other experts say that, Russia’s intervention forces have suffered heavy losses.
According to them, at a time when Ukraine is acquiring the most modern weapons from the West, Russia’s chances of gaining an advantage are diminishing.
Time is working against Russia
Says Neil Melvin of the RUSI Institute in London that, Russian troops intervening in Ukraine are in a difficult situation:
“Time is working against Russia. They lack equipment. Their advanced missiles are about to run out. The Ukrainians are getting stronger day by day. “
On May 17, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov reiterated that, Russia’s “special operation” is going according to plan and all goals will be achieved.
However, retired Russian military expert Colonel Mikhail Khodaryanok said in a televised speech that, Moscow must stop reassuring itself.
However, Putin’s forces are trying to continue their attacks in the Izyum region.
Although 90 percent of the Donbas region is currently under Russian control, Russian forces have been unable to block roads leading to Kramatorsk or Slovyansk.
Russia’s forces are very weak
Says Michael Coffman, of the U.S. nonprofit CNA think tank that, He does not believe that Russia will completely take over the Donbas:
“Their forces are very weak. Probably that, The mood is not high either. There are weak attempts by the officers who want to push the troops to attack. It seems so that, Moscow, which has suffered a strategic defeat, also does not want to give up.
He says to the music that, Although Russia is directing all its military forces to the Donbas, it is unable to break Ukraine’s line of defense in Donetsk:
“It simply came to our notice then that, Severodonetsk and They moved to the port. It seems so that, they are Severodonetsk and In the direction of the port Ukraine they want to besiege their forces. “
Reuters writes that, Although Chief of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov came to the front line to rectify the situation, nothing has changed in favor of Russian troops.
Jack Kane of the Institute for War Studies in Washington reports that, Russia’s attack hit the wall.


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