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Salary not worthy of a regional leader


According to the State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan (SSC) according toAt present, the average monthly salary in Azerbaijan is about $ 476. Neighboring Azerbaijan and to the information of the official bodies of Armenia and Georgia from the former USSR republics like him according to Their average monthly salary is higher – about $ 516 in Armenia and $ 488 in Georgia.

Rich oil and gas Why is the average salary in Azerbaijan lower than in the other two republics of the South Caucasus? Moreover, when officials talk about Azerbaijan, they usually call it “the leading state in the region.”

“Look at the houses and clothes of our people”

Milli Assembly Economic policy, industry and Member of the Entrepreneurship Committee Aydin Huseynov “Turan”He said that, Wages are an indicator of people’s lifestyles and If it is high, people’s livelihoods are high: “Without any survey, just visually look at the lifestyle, house, clothes of people living in any of our regions, look at the people living in Armenia.”

In addition, deputy He doubts Armenia’s official salary figures. According to him according to, Armenia’s foreign debt exceeds 70 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), has no foreign exchange reserves, is beyond international projects: “Armenia has given an absurd figure. It is not right to take the statistics of such a state and compare it with our own salary.

“Purchasing power is higher in Azerbaijan”

A member of the committee stressed that, The purchasing power of wages is higher in Azerbaijan: “Sometimes they compare that, In Europe, people earn 5,000 euros. But more than a thousand euros goes to utility bills. In this case, our purchasing power is higher.

“Very low”

Economist Natig Jafarli told RFE / RL that, The poor situation with wages in Azerbaijan is also reflected in official figures: “Recently, a study on the salaries of employees was published. The median salary of 1.7 million employees was 405 manat. More than half of these employees earn less than 405 manat. This is a very low figure. We have announced an average monthly salary of 800-900 manat, but the median salary is lower.

“We are in the middle of the list”

The economist said that, If wages are low, consumption in the country also decreases: “When consumption decreases, it has a very negative impact on economic activity. That is, people’s purchasing power is declining. In this sense, the situation in Azerbaijan is not heartening. If we take the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), we are in the middle of the list. However, we have our resources and to our possibilities according to We must take a higher place. “

Azerbaijan news

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