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Scientists have found traces of a supernova explosion on Earth

Located in the Republic of South Africa University of Johannesburg scientists Jan Kramers, Georgy Belyanin and Hartmut Winkler It was discovered in 1996 in the Egyptian desert Hipatia called space stone carried out chemical analysis. They have been observing the chemical composition of the stone for several years and came to this conclusion as part of a new study that, The cosmic stone called Hipatia is very rare Ia kind supernova contains elements formed as a result of the explosion. Scientists think that, this stone is the first physical evidence of such an explosion and it was discovered on Earth. Scientists have spent several years studying the chemical composition of this stone, which in the distant past was part of a giant space object. In the distant past, this huge space object headed towards the Earth and As a result, it burned to pieces in the atmosphere of our planet. However, this event took place in the early stages of the formation of the Earth billions of years ago. Preliminary analysis of the stone showed it that, it does not belong to the Earth exactly. It became known as a result of further research that, The origin of the hepatitis stone is generally In the solar system has not happened.

First of all, as the reason for the existence of a special group of elements in the composition of this stone red giant attention was paid to the option. These stars are very common in the universe. However, subsequent analyzes ruled out the possibility that the space object was formed by substances secreted by the red giant. As a next option Type II supernova It happened. As a result, scientists have come to the same conclusion again that, The elements secreted after a type II supernova explosion are different from the elements that make up the Hipatia stone. This was mainly due to the amount of iron in the stone. In the end, the scientists kept their choices in a type Ia supernova explosion. The most iron-producing process in the universe is this kind of rare supernova. But such explosions are everywhere in our galaxy 101 in 0 years and or occurs 2 times. According to the theory put forward by scientists, the origin of the Hypatia stone originates from the red giant.

In the later stages, that red giant was a large cloud of dust and or within cosmic nebulae white dwarf turned into. That white dwarf, in turn, existed in a binary star system. That is, the white dwarf had its own neighboring star. For some time, the white dwarf swallowed matter from a neighboring star. But then that white dwarf reached the peak of the absorption of stellar matter and Inside the dust cloud, a supernova explosion of type Ia occurred. The white dwarf, which explodes with a supernova explosion, breaks down not only into fragments but also into atoms. Supernova substances of type Ia as a result of the explosion gas atoms was secreted into space in the form of The same after cooling gas atoms began to combine with dust cloud particles.

According to scientists, the transformation of a space object, including the Hypatia rock, into a hard rock took place in the early stages of the formation of the solar system millions of years later. And this process is very likely that, It took place on the outer borders of the solar system. That’s it Oort found or Kuiper belt was. Own existenceflour At some point, a huge piece of hard rock, the origin of the Hipatia stone, began to fly in the direction of our planet. When it reached our planet, it burned up in the atmosphere and disintegrated. One of the fragments was eventually found in the Egyptian desert and she was named Hipatia. “If our theory is true, the Hipatia stone will be the first physical evidence of a type Ia supernova explosion. However, further research will be needed to confirm this theory, ”said Jean Kramers.

Azerbaijan news

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