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The list of iPhone models that will get iOS 16 has appeared on the Internet

Apple preparing for the presentation of the company iOS 16 will get the operating system iPhone The list of models has appeared on the Internet. It should be noted that, the list that emerged is not an official list. However, according to that list, iOS 16 this year Apple will not get some iPhone models that are still in great demand among users. Thus, according to the submitted list Apple The company’s new iOS 16 operating system only 3 GB and higher than that RAM will support devices with memory. We can draw the same conclusion from here that, It is the oldest iPhone model that will get iOS 16 iPhone 7 Plus will be a smartphone. In addition to the iPod Touch 7 The player will not get a new operating system. 5th and 6th generation iPad models, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 while new iPadOS will not get the version.

It is expected that iOS 16 will not receive significant changes compared to the current version of iOS. Instead of making significant changes, the company will focus on optimizing the new operating system. According to the information, users can use interactive widgets in iOS 16, updated notification system and Extensive features designed to monitor the user’s physical condition and health. Some insiders noted that, A new original application will be launched within iOS 16. However, no detailed information was provided about the original application, which is expected to be launched. The presentation of iOS 16 will take place next month WWDC 2022 will take place at the conference. Its stable version is expected to be launched in the fall.

Azerbaijan news

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