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The price of detergents has risen in the country …

Recently, food in Azerbaijan and Partial growth in other consumer goods led to a sharp rise in prices.

Buyers were shocked by the price of washing powder in large markets in Baku.

So. that, Until last month, the price of 5 kg of powder fluctuated between 21-23 manat, but now the price of 5 kg of powder has risen to 27, almost 30 manat.

The price of 1.5 and 3 kg of powders has also increased significantly.

To the information of sellers according to, these prices were included today. Until last week, these powders were on sale, at a discount, so buyers saw a cheaper price.

But let’s say for comparison that, during the pandemic and Until the new year, the same powders were between 21-23 pounds. (Bakupost)


Azerbaijan news

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