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Effects of Covid on the brain – The number of patients with dementia will increase


Scientists are investigating the neurological effects of Covid-19 and whether the symptoms are persistent. To a joint study by Cambridge University and Imperial College London according to, the effects of severe ex-Covid-19 on cognitive ability can be compared with a 50-70-year-old decline in humans. This was reported by the Financial Times.

Researchers have found that the disorder is even in the IQ 10 unit they say it is equal to a decrease.


The Federation of Dementia Associations said in September that the degenerative effects of the coronavirus would exacerbate the “dementia pandemic.” According to the World Health Organization according tothere are currently 55 million dementia patients in the world, and by 2030, as the older generation gets older, their number will reach 80 million.

Researchers at the University of Oxford found tissue damage in the olfactory parts of the brain in people with mild Covid-19 and compression was recorded. Researchers studied 800 brain tests from the British Biobank, one of the world’s largest biomedical databases. The researchers found that people with the coronavirus had a smaller brain than those who did not.

Smelling, mental fatigue

Loss of sense of smell in the early days of the pandemic may be caused by damage to the olfactory nerve, according to a study published last month in the medical journal JAMA Neurology.

Editor-in-Chief of JAMA Neurology and Says Andrew Josephson, head of neurology at the University of California that, Symptoms of mental fatigue in people who take Covid lightly may also be related to the brain. “We’re seeing more research showing possible changes in the brain,” he said.

During the pandemic, “long-term Jovid” also attracted attention. So. that, Many people have memory, language and concentration disorders. Covid-19 symptoms 12 weeks or more after diagnosis 10It is thought to have affected more than 0 million people.

Although part of the gray matter is lost…

Serena Spudic, a professor of neurology at Yale Medical School, said that, It is not clear how many of the changes in the brain are related to Covid or their significance. “People may lose some of the gray matter, but it may not be vital,” he said.

Research on the link between Covid-19 and dementia is currently in its infancy. According to scientists, in theory, the effect of this disease on the brain may be the same as other viruses.

Covid-19, first discovered in China at the end of 2019, has 6 million users worldwide 20It has claimed the lives of more than 0,000 people. The total number of infections is more than 520 million. The World Health Organization said recently that, The pandemic has caused an additional 15 million deaths worldwide. Both those who died from Covid-19 and other causes related to the crisis, for example, medical including those who died from lack of service.

More than 9,700 deaths from coronavirus have been reported in Azerbaijan so far and More than 792,000 infections have been confirmed. (Radio Liberty)

Azerbaijan news

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