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“I was humiliated” – Why was Elchibey’s niece fired?


“Since 1977 Milli I work at the Azerbaijan History Museum of the Academy of Sciences (ANAS). I was promoted from a hall attendant to a researcher. Despite the services I have rendered for many years, I have been fired illegally. ”

This claim is from ANAS Milli Employee of the Azerbaijan History Museum, deceased President Abulfaz Elchibey’s niece Saadat Mammadova spoke.

According to S. Mammadova according tothe management was biased against him and disease, social The situation was not taken into account: “In 2019, there were reductions in ANAS and They made me a laboratory assistant and transferred me to the library. However, I graduated from the Faculty of History, I have articles, I have been a researcher. Then there was a pandemic, we did not work for a while. In July of last year, there was another structural change in ANAS, this time I was transferred to the ethnography department as a laboratory assistant. They did not give me a computer and they did not provide work. When I told the head of the department that, provide me with a job, he said, you advise such girls, there is no such job and no computer. In 2019, I certified and edited 18 books. But they did not look at my case. They said a few days ago that, you write an application, exit. I borrow money from banks to study abroad, and I have a disability. More than 30 years that, the second group is disabled. Despite my disability, I was fired illegally by organizing an attestation inside the museum. At the academy pension There is no age limit. I don’t know what they want from me. “

He is the director general of the museum Naila Valikhanli and executionHe says that the director humiliated him: “Naila Valikhanli humiliates the people working in the museum. He sends an employee to the laboratory for several years and reduces his position. He humiliated me so much that, In 2019, I had heart surgery. When I was demoted from a researcher to a laboratory assistant, my salary was reduced by 150 manat. N. Valikhanli also cut the awards given to me over the years. Imagine, he gave me a bonus of 15 manats 80 kopecks. He always gave me less bonuses than other employees. I don’t know what enmity he has with me. “

In connection with the issue of ANAS Milli We contacted the Director General of the Azerbaijan History Museum, academician Naila Valikhanli. He said the complaint was unfounded and that the employee was legally fired by the Attestation Commission: “The dismissal of Saadat Mammadova is not illegal, she was fired as a result of the attestation. If he wants to complain, take him to court. This is the decision of the Certification Committee, there is no request for a decision. She knows herself well that, why he was fired. He didn’t do anything. “

As for the allegations about the humiliation of S. Mammadova, the Director General said: “Those who know me know that, I talk to everyone, to our officials, to “you”, to “please”. I have never humiliated anyone. When writing this, write honestly. Check it, write us, and then. ” (Qafqazinfo)

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