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Possible launch date and other information for iPhone 14

iDropnews referring to the site’s own sources iPhone 14provided new information on the presentation of Insiders informed about the expected launch date, as well as other products that will be presented at the presentation. Thus, according to the information provided Apple will present this year on September 13. Apple It is known that the company has not commented on this issue that, he usually holds his events on Tuesdays. In addition, the report said that, During the presentation, the company focused on the usual iPhone 14 models iPhone 14 Pro will distinguish the distinctive features that will be among the models. IPhone 14 Pro models as expected A16 Bionic Ordinary iPhone 14 models from last year, if they will be equipped with a processor A15 Bionic will have a processor.

No exception that, The company will slightly modify last year’s A15 Bionic and name it A16. In this case, the iPhone 14 Pro models are completely new A16 Bionic Pro will get a processor. It is already known that, Another feature that will distinguish Pro models from ordinary iPhone 14 models will be the front panel design. So. that, According to the latest information, the iPhone 14 Pro models will not have the traditional protrusion. Instead, two small protrusions will be placed on their screens. One of them should be oval and the other round. Also the main lenses of the rear cameras of the iPhone 14 Pro 48 MPmust be and they are 120 Hzmust be equipped with an image update screen.

Insiders said that, In addition to smartphones in the presentation company Apple Watch 8 will present 3 versions of the smart watch series. Conversation, Apple Watch 8, Watch 8 SE and Watch 8 Extreme Edition goes from models. As part of the presentation Apple AirPods 2 The presentation of headphones is also expected. There is no information about the format of the presentation. However, insiders noted that, coronavirus If the restrictions do not pose a problem, the company can return to an event format that includes the physical participation of the audience.

Azerbaijan news

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